Niche Site Update – PowerPoint Training Online: The Story so Far

Niche Site One – PowerPoint Training Online

Welcome back everybody. Today I would like to discuss how my first niche site,PowerPoint Training Online, is going. Since my first post telling everybody that I was creating a niche site progress had been a little slow. However, over the past two weeks the checklist has started to shrink. This post will give you a full breakdown of everything I have done.

Created a Free E-Book

As with any online business, the money is in the list. The Email list.

From the get go I knew I needed to collect email address. This is to allow me to keep readers up to date on new articles and posts, also it will allow me to connect with my audience and share new ventures with them.

Readers will sign up to a newsletter if they feel they will get value for handing over their email address. To give your audience a small bit of an extra push it is always beneficial to give them something for free. This was why I decided to create a small E-Book to give away.

It was a straight forward book to create. I designed and created the whole book in PowerPoint. Once finished I simply converted to PDF and saved to my Google Drive. Saving to Google drive is great. Drive provides a shareable link. All you need to do is then insert it into a post.

I wanted to keep it simple this time so I created a simple guide on creating a PowerPoint in 8 easy steps.

Created a Mailing list

Since I created a free e-book for subscribers. I then needed to create a mailing list. I use MailChimp for managing my lists. The reason for this is that they allow you to have up to 2000 subscribers and to send 12,000 emails per month all for free. Even then the prices are reasonable when you go beyond these numbers. MailChimp is easy to set up and get going.

Created a Start Here page

Creating the mailing list and free e-book were only the start. I created both of these with the intention putting them onto the Start Here page. The aim of the Start Here page is to introduce new readers, learners and audiences to PowerPoint Training Online. They will be introduced to myself and the reasons why I set PowerPoint Training Online up.

There Start Here page is split into sections, so after the introduction it goes straight to what a reader can expect to see throughout the website.

The penultimate section allows the reader to sign up to our news letter.

While the final section allows a reader to download the free e-book.

Created a Thank You page

The Thank You page was designed to deliver the e-book to anybody who signed up for it. There are a few different delivery methods for content like this.

MailChimp can be used to send an email with a download link once a subscriber has confirmed their subscription. However I decided that when a reader subscribes to my mailing list, MailChimp would send an email with a direct link to my Thank You page.

The reason why I decided to do it this way was to keep viewers on my site. Once they hit the download button they could then access the normal menus and go anywhere on the site.

What’s next

There are a few things left which need doing.

  1. Start adding content
  2. Create Social media profiles
  3. Set up Google Analytics
  4. Set up LinkedIn Advertising

Google Analytics is what I will tackle next because I would like to be able to track the traffic from the minute I start uploading content. I hope this will provide me a good plan as to what is popular and what I should work more on.

That is that for now.

Speak soon,


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