Building my first Niche site: A journey through PowerPointTrainingOnline

If you are involved in online business and listen to podcasts. Then chances of you hearing of ‘Smart Passive Income‘ by Pat Flynn are extremely high. I have been an avid follower of Pat Flynn and the Smart Passive income podcast for a number of years now and I love it. Pat got started by creating a website in a very small niche (architecture exam study guides) to help people. Since then he has gone on to create other niche sites (Security Guard HQ and FoodTruckr), even running a competition with friends and readers of smart passive income to see who could build the most successful niche site. This is where I got my idea for creating a niche site. And my first niche site is PowerPoint Training Online. PowerPointTrainingOnline is my first online business journey.

What is PowerPointTrainingOnline?

As the name may suggest, PowerPointTrainingOnline is a tutorial website for anybody looking to learn the finer details of using Microsoft PowerPoint. Heavily based on video tutorials, my audience can expect to see tutorials on how to use MS PowerPoint, how to design a presentation from the ground up and also learn how to use PowerPoint as a graphic creation tool. y audience can also expect to find written blog posts. Which will allow me to answer pivoting questions that have gripped the industry for years. Questions such as ‘What is better? Keynote or PowerPoint’ and ‘Does PowerPoint really put your audience to sleep. Or is it just you?

I am really excited about creating a tutorial website which anybody can learn from. Ninety percent of the content will be free for everybody to access. Which has proven to be a good online business model. Eventually selling e-products. Items such as e-books and maybe PowerPoint theme’s.

Why PowerPoint?

When I tell people that I am creating a website all about MS PowerPoint. The first thing they do is look at me as if I am some sort of freak. The second they do is ask me ‘Why PowerPoint?’

It always seems clear to me. PowerPoint has so many benefits and uses. PowerPoint allows the creation of  presentations, infographics, handouts and graphics. I have even created an Ebook using PowerPoint. On top of all of that, at the time of writing this I am currently a Personal Development Trainer for Dixons Carphone. And I use PowerPoint a lot in my day job. So much so that I am pretty sure I know PowerPoint inside out. Yet I do realize there will always be something new to learn. Therefore, it is all that knowledge which I have built up over years of using PowerPoint that I aim to share.

Current status of PowerPointTrainingOnline

Months have been spent creating PowerPointTrainingOnline. I used WordPress as the CMS and HostGator to host the site. I found a theme that suited and it only cost $49. However, there was one problem. Customization was minimal on the theme. As any sane and normal person would do. I decided to create a WordPress theme from the ground up. Therefore, I could create the design that I wanted.

I am not a professional web developer by any standards. However, I do feel that I am pretty awesome when it comes to writing HTML 5 and CSS 3. I was extremely happy with the site I had created. It looked clean, professional and was very similar to the theme I had actually chosen. However, as I concentrated on writing HTML and CSS that looked amazing in a desktop browser. Yet it looked terrible on mobile and anybody who knows anything about Googles SEO knows it has to look good on mobile.

This was a problem that I knew was happening. I figured I could write a different CSS sheet to style for mobile. This was a bad idea from the get go because I was doubling my work load. When I was almost ready to launch PowerPointTrainingOnline. I changed my mind. As a result of the terrible look of the mobile site, I simply could not release the site. So I put it on hold.

Consequently, I decided to create IamDavid. I felt it was a good idea to show my journeys. Therefore, allowing people to learn from mistakes that I was making.

As a result of all my messing about PowerPointTrainingOnline is halfway complete. I have switched back to the theme that was originally purchased. All I need to do now is make a few simple edits. Nothing major, editing the odd picture. Downloading some plug-ins. Then I can start writing content.


What’s next

As you can see from the images above, PowerPointTrainingOnline is not far from completion. There is a little bit of tidying up to do and then the site can be released. Hopefully, it will be live by the middle of April.

I will keep you updated along the way.



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