Race to the Stones 2017. My journey from 0 to 100 km’s

I have always wanted to run a marathon. 2017 is going to be the year I do it. I was going to sign up for a 10km but that would have been too easy. So you would think the next step up would have been a half marathon or even a full marathon. Oh no, I signed up for the Race to the Stones 2017. 100km spread over two days.

You know what though I am really looking forward to it.

The Race to the Stones 2017

Starting in Lewknor, Oxfordshire and finishing in Avebury, Wiltshire. It covers 100 km. I have chosen to do my race over 2 days stopping at the campsite on the first night. The race takes you from the Chilterns to the North Wessex Downs. Along the way you will see mighty iron age forts and ancient monuments. All the while travelling through some Britain’s most beautiful countryside. It is a race I am looking forward to.

The Mix header 2

The mix are the main charity for the Race to the Stones 2017. The Mix are an awesome bunch of guys and girls. Offering support and help to young people.dealimg with anything from money issues to mental health. Homelessness to finding a job and dealing addiction and break-up.  The Mix are there 24/7 for anybody who needs them.

The Mix offer support through their website,  phone calls and social media sites.

I believe this is a good cause and one which I am proud to support.

To find out more information about The Mix and the work they do. Go to there website.

My current fitness

I have definitely been in better shape in previous chapters of my life. But I wanted to see where I was. And I am in much better shape then I expected. My first run out I managed about 5km in 40 minutes.

I have run faster and further before but after a 9 month break on doing any physical activity. I was happy with my starting progress. Ever since then I have been on and off training. I got up to a pace running a steady 10km under an hour.

All was going well until I pulled my triceps during strength training. I have taken the past 2 weeks off. And I am going to Spain on Wednesday for 5 days. I will pick up my strength training but I think I will leave the running training till I get back.

Training plan

The organisers of the event have been kind enough to provide all participants with a training plan. It is a simple generic training plan and Here is a PDF of what the training plan looks like.

I will be using this but I will also tailor in strength training every week. Doing that will allow me to build up strength in my body allowing me to run faster and harder for longer and to prevent injuries.

That is it it for now. I will be posting regular updates of my training progress on the blog. Make sure you sign up for updates.



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